To valorise innovative methodological approaches aimed at women empowerment.

To facilitate low-skilled and unemployed women’s access to training, employment, and entrepreneurship by empowering them.

To boost cultural growth, enhancement of cultural heritages, social inclusion, and cohesion processes involving local communities.

To promote entrepreneurship among the target group as a way of improving its social and labour situation.

To provide professionals and educators working with women with efficient tools as a Learning Package and Handbooks aimed at supporting target groups’ social and labour integration.


O1 – An integrated reading of the territories

O2 – Learning Course Package for enhancing women’s competences and promoting their employability opportunities in the tourism field

O3 – Atlas for the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage of specific areas of 5 European countries

O4 – Handbook addressed to educators and trainers working with women in vulnerable situation

Target Groups

Women in a vulnerable situation – low-skilled / low-qualified and unemployed women and/or housewives who want to re-enter the labour market

 Professionals working with women in a vulnerable situation

Local stakeholders related to the project field


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